There are several reasons why injector service may be necessary:

Injector Spray After喷射前喷雾剂

Decreased Performance

A decrease in fuel economy in any car is a telltale sign of an injector problem. Likewise, once any car has reached 75,000 miles, fuel economy and performance decrease as well… Injector service is required. Get your injectors cleaned and tested and regain the gas mileage, decreased emissions, smooth operation, and performance you used to have.

之前的脏喷射器Dirty Injector After

The Unknown

Injectors that have been sitting outside of the car for an extended period of time or injectors purchased without a known history can be problematic. Are they clogged? Do they have any electrical problems? Does the set flow evenly? Injector Service will insure cleanliness, test for all issues and provide a valuable flow report.



What DeatschWerks services are available?

我们采取了我们所知道的建立精密高流量喷射器并应用这些相同的原则来开发最终的注射器清洁和测试系统OEM, Aftermarket, Sidefeed and Topfeed fuel injectors。我们不使用柴油,压电,空气辅助或任何机械燃料喷射器(CIS,SPYDER)。适合您的需求,可以使用三种选择:

  1. BASIC INJECTOR FLOW TEST($13/injector) - A simple static + dynamic flow test to show the condition and flow rate of your fuel injectors. If results are poor and an injector service is needed, we can apply the cost of the flow test to the dynamic service.
  2. 动态注射器服务($29/injector) - This is our most popular service and features a full teardown and ultrasonic cleaning followed by a rebuild of all replaceable seals and filters and finishes with our industry-leading dynamic flow testing process. All of your results are laid out in an easy to read report. Testing is performed before and after the service so you can see the improvements.
  3. BATTERY OFFSET TESTING($ 149 /注射器) -电池胶印机测试用于调谐器和校准器需要注射器特征数据,以帮助建立售后市场ECU。Call ahead and you can request custom voltages and pressures to fit your specific needs.
  4. LINEARITY TESTING($109/injector) The线性测试用于调谐器和校准器需要注射器特征数据,以帮助建立售后市场ECU。线性测试将定义低脉冲宽度非线性范围以及喷射器将开始静态的占空比。
  5. 燃油铁路服务($ 49 / rail) - 侧馈轨可能是一个重大头痛。幸运的是,DW有工具和专业知识,可以从轨道上移除和安装侧面进料喷射器,而不会损坏,无泄漏。



  • Looking for better gas mileage, smoother operation, and more crisp acceleration?
  • 安装使用的喷射器并希望确保它们干净并正常运行?
  • Having an engine problem and suspect the fuel injectors?
  • 调整你的车更多提升,并希望产生更高且更安全的WHP?

然后达到的动态注射器服务is for you!

处理 Benefit
寄存前 Compare before and after results
3步超声波清洗 优化雾化和流量
替换O形圈,过滤器和密封件 Ensures leak-free operation
检查线圈 发现电气问题
Leak test 100psi 在Pintle上发现泄漏
RPM ramp and Pulse-width ramp tests Exclusive DeatschWerks tests
Spray pattern analysis 验证适当的雾化
静态流量试验 检查流量余额
Dynamic flow test 模拟真正的驾驶条件
ID蚀刻 Links each injector to results on report
润滑和袋子 Preserves optimum working condition
System calculations min/max/avg flow and system balance
燃料压力计算 Valuable tool for FMU/AFPR users
性能计算 Defines limits of fuel system

Battery Offset Testing

The Battery Offset test includes cleaning the injector(s) if necessary and then performing the testing as outlined below. Typically, it is necessary to perform a test on only one injector, however, 2 or 3 injectors can be tested to provide the most accurate data. Price listed is per injector tested. Please call us before ordering this service if you would like specific testing parameters defined to best suit your needs.

Pressure Range -up to 3 test pressures of your choice. Default is 3 bar, 4 bar, and 5 bar

电压范围 -12电压your choice. Default range is from 6.0 to 20.0

Interpolation- upon request, polynomial interpolation equations can be provided so that the customer can calculate offset at any specific voltage needed

Testing Fluid- 所有测试都是使用SAE J1832规定的N-庚烷进行的。DW不会在汽油中进行测试



测试压力 -customer may choose pressure at which testing is performed. Default test pressure is 3 bar (43.5 psi)

脉冲宽度 -如果需要,客户可以选择自定义脉冲宽度。

测试频率 -customer may choose testing Hz. Default test frequency is 100hz (equivalent to 6,000 engine RPM). A static flow test is also included.

最小/最大脉冲宽度- a suggested minimum and maximum pulsewidth is provided for your injectors based upon your test results.

Testing Fluid- 所有测试都是使用SAE J1832规定的N-庚烷进行的。DW不会在汽油中进行测试



DeatschWerks Fuel Rail Service work like this:

  • You send your fuel rail with the side feed injectors still installed
  • We safely remove the injectors so there is no damage
  • 我们超声清洁燃油轨
  • 我们执行您在燃料喷射器上订购的服务(请参阅附加标签下的注射器服务)
  • 我们润滑并重新安装燃油导轨中的喷射器
  • We pressure test the rail with the injectors installed
  • 我们将整个装配装载回准备安装

If you want to remove the frustration and risk involved with removing side feed injectors from the fuel rail, then the Fuel Rail Service is for you!





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