DW Modular Surge Tanks are Engineered to Provide Massive Amounts of Fuel Flow Reliably and Consistently for Racing Applications.

Custom surge tanks have been common in the racing industry for many years and serve the purpose of avoiding fuel starvation in high G corners and low tank levels. The DW Modular Surge Tank Systems include the functionality of traditional surge tanks and add compact fitment, decreased noise, and increased flexibility. This has been achieved by moving both the pump and filtration functions to the inside of the surge tank and designing flexibility to allow the use of single or dual pump configurations to meet fueling needs from 500hp to 1500hp.


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The name “DeatschWerks” is synonymous with application-specific fuel system solutions. So what happens when we create a universal product? We design it with maximum flexibility, user-friendliness, and tech support. The DW Modular Surge Tank was developed specifically for racecars and high horsepower applications where drop-in-fitment isn’t always the best approach. Highly modified vehicles have different needs, which often require complete fuel system overhaul as opposed to working within the confines of the OE fuel system. Our modular system is cost-effective in that it can grow with your build. One basic set of components can be configured to support from 500hp to over 1500hp. The system comes with all the extra parts needed for this adaptability plus we offer excellent technical documentation (DW2.5L Tech Sheet,DW3.5L Tech Sheet)来帮助你u get your system set up right the first time, every time.

Race Proven Fueling Solution

High-G cornering under full load puts more stress on a fuel delivery system than any other racing scenario. This is where the DW Modular Surge Tank excels. Our sponsored time attack and drift drivers have put this product to the test and have been blown away with the results. In addition to the flexibility of use and consistency of fuel supply, our drivers have made many positive comments on the weight savings, durability, and simplicity of the system.

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The DW Modular Surge Tank has proven in race applications such as Global Time Attack and Formula Drift where consistent fuel supply is an especially important and difficult task.

Product Specifications

  • Available in 2.5L or 3.5L internal capacities
  • Anodized for e85 and methanol compatibility
  • Configurable for single, dual, or external pump configurations
  • Submerged pump design cools and quiets pump operation
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting (integrated bracket)
  • Compatible with DW250iL, and DW350iL in-line pumps
  • Optional integrated stainless pre-filters
  • Detailed plumbing and installation instructions included