DW Offers More Fuel Pump Options to Deliver the Flow You Want with the Fitment You Need.

Fuel pumps are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. Proper fuel delivery to your engine involves combining the right fitment and the right flow. This is why the DW fuel pump line is built to cover 7 different dimensional formats each having different fluid connections, electrical connections, diameters, and lengths. DW pump formats cover standard fitment in-tank, compact fitment in-tank, specialty fitment in-tank, and 2 different universal in-line pumps. Each pump formats is available in up to 4 different flow rates yielding over 20 different format+flow combinations to ensure you have the right pump for your build.


Application Specific Fitment

DW pioneered fuel injector application specific fitment. That experience has been applied to the DW line of fuel pumps. To achieve this feat, DW has built a library of over 100 different OE fuel pump modules from which application specific fitment kits can be made.

First, the proper format+flow combinations are selected. Then the o-rings, electrical connectors, clamps, filters, and spacers are chosen. Next, the pump is installed and bench tested in the OE module to ensure proper fitment and performance. Lastly, the entire process is documented and published into step-by-step illustrated instructions which can be downloaded from our website and used by the customer during installation. Application specific product development is a complex process, but DW has made it easy for the end customer… all you have to do is choose your year make and model.

High Torque = High Flow

A fuel injected internal combustion engine is a dynamic system. Fuel flow requirements vary greatly by rpm and load. However, one law remains universal: forced induction applications require more flow at higher pressures. Knowing this fact, DW has engineered their fuel pumps to maximize flow at higher pressures. By designing the armature for torque bias, delaying pressure relief activation, and maximizing impeller efficiency, DW has created a line of pumps with an extremely flat flow curve. Higher flow at higher pressure delivers the fuel your engine demands.


Fuel Filter InternalsToday's ethanol-enriched fuels are more corrosive than the fuels of the past. High-octane premium grade pump gas can contain up to 15% ethanol and e85 is becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive readily available race fuel. Regardless of what fuel you prefer, DW has specifically engineered their pumps with ethanol in mind…

  • Composite Impeller – DW turbine impellers are made of a lightweight composite that is both efficient and impervious to the corrosive nature of ethanol.
  • Encapsulated Armature – DW motor armatures are fully encapsulated to protect the copper windings from ethanol deterioration
  • Carbon Commutators and Brushes – The utilization of carbon in the wear components of the pump leads to a much longer life especially in high-heat and high-pressure conditions.
  • Endurance Testing – DW performs in-house HALT (highly accelerated life testing) on all pump designs and in various fuels to find and eliminate common modes of failure.

Even if you don’t use ethanol-enriched fuels, the extra work is not wasted. All of the above-mentioned design attributes translate to a more dependable longer life fuel pump regardless of the fuel used.


Product support is extremely important at DW. Modern fuel systems are a complex arrangement of integrated components that must all be working together to function properly. One out of spec component can cause disastrous effects on an otherwise properly engineered system. DW provides customer support in various ways…

  • Phone and Email Support– The DW support team is at your service to help with a variety of needs that may arise.58必威 for technical support, order tracking, services information, or any other product related need you may have.
  • On-line Calculators– The DW online tools andcalculatorscan help you choose the right products for your build.
  • Product Tech Sheets– DW now offerstech sheetsfor each product offered. Each sheet includes an in-depth description, product specifications, dimensions, and performance.

3 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Fuel Pumps, Fuel pump

DW is committed to high-quality products and excellent customer service. All products are backed up with a 3-year comprehensive warranty. This warranty could not be offered without supreme confidence in product quality. As part of QA procedures, all pumps and all injectors are bench tested in-house before packaging and shipment to the customer. Below is a brief over of the fuel pump testing process…

  • High and low-pressure flow
  • Amperage draw vs flow
  • PRV activation point
  • Check valve function
  • Cavitation check
  • Qualitative observations

Fuel Pumps. Fuel Pump. Fuel Pumps. Fuel Pump.